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At present, GIS is mostly concentrated оn trade and services.

The company’s commercial activity is focused on the

distribution of IT equipment and accessories. The GIS trade

centers and online stores offer new, renovated, and recycled

equipment to their wholesale dealers and end-users. 


In the services field GIS offers computer repair services,

recycling of IT components, transportation and logistics on the

territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European union.

The centers, where the repair services and recycling take

place, are equipped with high-tech stands and machines. GIS

relies on brand new vehicles and modern storage facilities to

provide high quality transportation and logistics.  


The main activities of GIS are:


  gis  Distribution of new, renovated, and recycled IT equipment and accessories


  gis   Repair of IT equipment and accessories


  gis   Recycling of  IT equipment


  gis   Transportation and logistics