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Green Line 2012 -2014 Project
Green Line 2012 -2014 Project

GIS offers their clients the option to recycle their IT equipment for free.

To this end GIS own high-tech stands and machines, located at the company’s

recycle center GIS-Recycle,

in operation from 2012.


Along with the implementation of GIS-Recycle, GIS launched the Green Line 2012-2014 ecological project, fully financed by the company.



The Green Line 2012-2014 project provides the followed opportunities:




 GIS clients can send their IT equipment to GIS-Recycle, with the courier service costs are covered by GIS


компютри плевен


GIS-Recycle can recycle each component of your IT equipment, including the card box used for equipment delivery


Гис плевен


Components from recycled products can be used for production of new Green products





The mission:
Responsibility and commitment to the environment via building and organization of new system of transportation, sorting and utilization of discarded electronic and electrical equipment.